What is The Travel Advice Centre?

The Travel Advice Centre manages customer service issues and complaints on behalf of travel companies. Our experienced team handle customer correspondence and calls for tour operators, travel agencies, coach operators, cruise lines and airlines. We don’t just answer letters and calls – we are here to give our clients advice. We offer training programmes and provide guidance on current industry regulations.

I am a member of the public and I have a complaint - can you help?

No. The Travel Advice Centre works directly with travel companies not consumers. Direct Gov and the ABTA website provide information for consumers on holiday complaints.

How can The Travel Advice Centre make life easier for my business?

Complaints must be handled within a certain timeframe and if you are busy with other aspects of the job the deadlines are easily missed. Getting the information you need from resort and suppliers can be time-consuming and frustrating. We will acknowledge your customer’s letter, investigate the claim, obtain all relevant reports and send a detailed professional reply. We reply to any subsequent correspondence on the case and we’ll even take the telephone calls for you.

Will you manage all our customer service issues?
What if I only need you for a short time?

We provide a number of flexible options to help you manage your customer service issues. You can fully outsource your customer services function to us and we will handle all your complaints – or you can use our services just when your business experiences high demand. We will also take on one-off cases including those already in progress. Contact us to discuss options that would work best for your company

Will my customers know I am outsourcing my customer services?

No – not unless you want the client to know you are being represented by the Travel Advice Centre. We send all written correspondence on your own company’s letterhead paper and give our own telephone as contact number. In effect we become your customer services department.

How does it save me money?

We charge a flat rate for each complaint we handle for your company so there are no escalating costs. You pay the same rate regardless of the amount of correspondence required to resolve a particular issue. We agree sensible levels of compensation and will negotiate any settlements in accordance with your company policy.

What if I only receive a few complaints a year?

Our rates are tailored to your company’s need and take into consideration the number and type of claims that you estimate sending us over a year. Contact us for more information on rates for your company.

Will you handle the really serious stuff?

In the event your customer decides to take their claim further, our experienced team will make sure you have every possible piece of evidence to support your position. For AITO dispute resolutions or ABTA arbitrations, cases will be stated in writing and we have an excellent record when it comes to winning. We will handle small claims cases for you in county court hearings anywhere in England and Wales. We are also experienced in the handling of personal injury claims and work with liability insurers on your behalf. 

Can you help with the changes from 1 July 2018 to the Package Travel Regulations?

Yes, we are of course up to speed on the Package Travel Regulations and the changes coming into place.
Access some more information via this link.


For any other questions about The Travel Advice Centre please contact the team