The industry has been hit by a 500% (and rising) increase in sickness claims. Yet there has been no similar reduction in standards in resorts nor have local pharmacies or Doctors seen a comparable increase in tourists seeking medical attention.

Sadly the attentions of the PPI and Road Traffic Accident touts have turned to our industry and UK travel companies and overseas hotels are paying the price. Compensation paid out is through the roof,  insurances excesses and premiums are rising fast and many companies are becoming in effect self-insuring. So many of the claims filed are dodgy but how do you separate the genuine from the fraudulent. 

Linda and the team have been working on these claims for their client companies and for their insurers. The Travel Advice Centre has also been feeding back information to ABTA while they try and fight for the industry alerting the government and media to this massive issue. We are very well versed in the obvious indicators of a fraudulent claim and have great success in eliminating those we uncover. We also handle genuine injury and illness claims of course and know how to reach cost effective resolutions that keep legal costs to the minimum necessary.

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